Cycling: A perspective change (Wellness and health)

Posted by Darryl Oyson on

Cardio workouts help us maintain our physical health, they boost our immunity and also increase our stamina. But did you know that Cardio workouts also affect our outlook in life?

Workouts outside, particularly cycling, help us gain a more grounded perspective of what`s around us by exposing us to the environment and other sceneries. In a way you lose a lot of pounds while gaining new knowledge.

The peculiar design of a bicycle can leave one empowered and enlightened at the same time. As we all know, the design of the bicycle is to put the rider as both the engine and the driver, in a way you ride the bike and the bike rides you.

With the sleek design of a bicycle, you can practically ride everywhere, anywhere; which gives us the idea and restores the perception in a human being that we are free to decide, and to go anywhere we want.

While riding downhill slopes, one can say that they are going with the flow. Balancing on the bicycle also renders the idea that the best way to live life is to balance between your personal life and your social life.

Your fate is controlled only by your actions and your reactions to your path and surroundings, just like in cycling, your balance in life, your actions in driving your life and your reactions to the things that might trip you over will decide whether or not you will reach your destination.

You pedal your decisions, you choose your paths, and you feed your soul with whatever is surrounding you. One’s mentality and outlook in life is directly affected by his/her perception of the world, cycling helps in both the aspects of seeing things through new lenses and physically maintaining your health.

With the phrase I mentioned earlier, “you ride the bike, and the bike rides you” the circumstances in life only control your path in life by so much, but it is you who ultimately steers the way things turn out.


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