"Get Out And Ride" Ebiking To Work Instead Of That Gym Membership!

Posted by Darryl Oyson on

If you feel that eBiking is undermining your trusty street bicycle, or that it won't afford you a lot of an exercise, reconsider!

Most importantly, not every one of us are fortunate enough to have an easy 3-mile bicycle ride to work.

It's probably 10-15 miles away, perhaps much more. Pedal pushing 30 miles daily round trip on a non-electric bike can be daunting for the regular commuter, also implausible for a healthy family and work life.

In any case, put in some pedal help, and now you're discussing a pleasurable, ride to (and from) work. Simply enough sweat and push to get you fit as a fiddle, however less so that you're not doused in sweat and depleted upon arriving at your desk. Another benefit is preparing mentally for the workday ahead on the ride in. eBiking to the local watering hole for happy hour, after work or taking a detour to pick up a few groceries without the problem of finding a parking spot. (yippee!).

All of these benefits for less than a year's worth of gas and Gym membership!

Get your blood pumping, save cash and simplify your life at the same time!

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