Get Paid $50 For Every Referral!

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That is right, you get $50 for every referral that buys a bike for $900 or more.

When you partner with E-Bike Fast, you are given a unique personalized link that you can use to promote products in any way you want. You will earn commission on all sales that you generate.

Measure Your Success

Track your sales performance with your very own real-time performance dashboard. You'll have rich insight into which of your social media channels and content posts are most effective

What is a referrer, you ask?
A referrer (also known as an affiliate or social media influencer) is a person or a company that promotes online stores and their products.

If you refer someone to E-Bike Fast and they then make a purchase, you will be paid a sales commission by the store. The sales commission will be $50.00 if the total order value is $900.00 or more.

Benefits of being a referrer

  • It is free to join
  • Earn income from your existing social network 
  • Support the brands and products that you love 
  • Receive exclusive access to referrer only offers and promotions

What do I do as a referrer?
When you join a E-Bike Fast's referral marketing program, you will be issued a unique, personalised referral link. Your job is to use your link to promote our brand and products on your website, blog or social media channel(s).

You can do this in a few ways:

  •  Creating product review blogs / vlogs. E.g. a Youtube review 
  • Share the store's branding, posts or ads (with your link/code included)

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