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Cool bike gadgets, accessories and bags!

Riding your e-bike cannot be any cooler, however there are even more ways to upgrade your experience! Accessories!


Riding with baskets may feel like something out of a nineties’ movie, with an extraterrestrial alien hitching a ride with you to outer space. But it’s actually not that bad when you ignore all the bullies, it acts as a storage unit for fragile things such as eggs, glass bottles, and even your phone! Besides, who doesn’t want a stranger things feel for their bikes nowadays?


Bike Accessories article


Passenger Bike seat

Having an e-bike can be amazing, but having someone to share it with is beyond enjoyable, buying an extra bike seat for a passenger to sit on will elevate the e-bike experience by a lot. Another great option for it would be you could offer transportation services to others and earn a quick buck.


Side double bag



Having you stuff dangle on your back while wearing a bag may potentially have a high risk of involving you in an accident, that’s why there are now product innovations that made bags attach on the bike itself, from there you can now store your things safely and intact without any distractions plus a larger storage! During this time of difficulty in employment, this can be seen as an opportunity to take in delivery jobs around your area. A great example of this would be water resistant double bags which come at a price not more than $50.00, or if you prefer having only one bag, then there is also the option of purchasing a one-sided bag priced at only a little over $25.00. Talk about a great deal!

electric bike speedometer

Speedometer/LED controls

Digital components of an e-bike is what makes it an e-bike, what even makes it cooler is how efficient it makes your ride. With a single interface it gives you an option to control the speed, lights, power output and lets you view your current velocity. Some e-bikes comes pre-built with these features, browsing thru the site of, you can find a wide variety of bikes that are pre-equipped with these features.


bottle holder for bike

Bottle holder

After a long ride, all you want to do is grab a quick sip of cold refreshing beverages, however we all know that condensation occurs on the bottles when they’re cold, thus wetting every item inside its container and even wearing out the bag/storage it’s in over time. Having a bottle holder is an essential especially for those who like to ride around for their leisure/exercise. Bottle holders of excellent quality of plastic are the most obvious choice for these. Usually they cost no more than $20, and these will usually last for as much as the e-bike itself with a lifespan of 10years, so it is a guarantee that you will get the bang for your buck.

Accessory or not, e-bikes are one of the most impressive modes of transportations to be conceptualized during this day and age, they efficiently use energy and actively reduce a person’s carbon footprint by a significant amount!

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