Bike seat height: How to set the correct saddle height

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Since we were kids, we are always taught about having the correct posture in everything we do, ranging from standing, sitting and even in walking. In workouts, it’s kind of hard to dictate this sort of thing, because one method does not fit all. However, posture plays a vital role in our efficiency when cycling.


how to set the correct saddle height

The proper way to do is to follow the steps prescribed by athletes of biking events. They use this bike seat height position to avoid sustaining injuries and to limit joint stress as well as muscle pain. Bikers prescribe a method wherein you hold the bicycle upright while you hop on the saddle, your legs should rest comfortably on the pedals with 80-90% full leg extension on the lowest part of the pedal cycle.

You might be thinking that this method of measurement is only for analogue bikes and is not applicable for e-bikes. Well, that is not true, as e-bikes are designed to still have pedals attached to them as a secondary source of movement. Incorrect saddle height can put too much weight on the hands and feet, causing discomfort or an unequal distribution of body weight.

E-bikes aim to give comfort to its user, and saddle height can adversely affect the level of comfort one has. Too low or too high positions can lead to poor pedaling technique and bad posture which will in turn cause shoulder and neck pain, rendering you unable to continue on your biking activity.

This tip is also very helpful when it comes to going into long rides. It not only will affect weight distribution, but it will also affect pressure. Another tip would be about the angle of a bike’s saddle. A saddle’s nose angled to high will cause you to put more pressure on your back and neck, while tipping the nose of the seat too low can put pressure on your shoulder and arms causing you to tire easier.

Biking is all about enjoying yourself and getting the most out of each and every component that your bike has.

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