Some interesting statistics on why you should buy an E-Bike

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I was reading some interesting stats on e-bikes and I thought I'd share some of highlights for a quick recap.

  • Energy Efficient- Electric bikes consume fuel at an average rate of 100-150 watts of electric energy, compared to 15000 for a car (the car does travel faster of course).  Imagine a 100 Watt light bulb burning continuously through the night- that is enough energy to propel an electric bike for 40 miles.
  • Cost Efficient- An electric bike typically costs $0.05 to run per mile, while a car can cost up to $0.50 per mile.  You can drastically reduce your costs by choosing e-bikes over cars.
  • Green- When an electric bicycle replaces a car, it offsets 1460 grams of carbon monoxide, 1550 grams of hydrocarbons, and 770 grams of nitrogen oxides for every 500 miles traversed.
  • Fitness- A recent survey found that 33% of electric bike owners ride their bike at least once a day and 80% of them ride at least once a week.  Only 10% of conventional bike owners ride their bike once a day and 45% of them ride once a week. These percentages confirm that owning an electric bike compels you to use it more, hence enabling you to exercise more.

In conclusion. E-Bikes are AWESOME!!


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