Why Electric Bikes are become more popular in the US.

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The Increase in Popularity of Electric Bikes in the United States

What does your morning look like?
Here is an idea of how an average LA resident's day might start... 6:45 am - Alarm #1 (Loud) 6:50 am - Alarm #2 (Louder) 6:55 am - Alarm #3 (Loudest) 7:00-7:15 am - Shower & Do Hair 7:15-7:30 am - Eat Breakfast, Drink Coffee 7:30-7:40 am - Get Dressed, Head Out 7:40-8:30 am - Work Commute That's just the start of the day -- double down on the commute on the way home. You find yourself spending 100 minutes a day traveling to and from work. 500 minutes each week is more than 8 hours weekly commuting to and from work. Guess what?
In Los Angeles, traveling by foot is a luxury for many -- it means you live close enough to where you need to be, that you don't need a vehicle or the subway like most other residents. In fact, it's entirely common for Californians to drive and park by a subway, take the subway closer to where they need to go, then walk for 10-20 minutes to reach their destination. By living in the suburbs, or anywhere outside of the city core, you could easily spend 1.5 hours going to work and another 1.5 hours heading home. Electric Bikes Help Optimize Commuting, Without a doubt, the most popular reason for ebikes gaining popularity is the fact that they can cut down on commute times. This statement is especially true if you live in any of the country's busiest cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, San Jose, Portland, Chicago, etc. Electric Bikes Save Commute Costs The average cost of a parking spot in Los Angeles runs at least $200 a month. This rate goes even higher when you need to park close to some of the most popular spots in the busy city of LA. You are spending upward of $2,400 per year on parking. Easily, you can piece together why and how investing in an e-bike makes a lot of sense.
The Non-Financial Reason for Popularity Growth Electric bikes are not just popular for their economically sound commuting benefits. Another reason for the growth in popularity of this newer form of transportation is their ease of use. Unlike an ordinary bicycle, you don't need to pedal your heart out. This fact means that people with cardiovascular and heart-related medical issues will not push their health to the limits. Imagine if you experienced a serious leg injury. All of a sudden, pedaling a bike becomes almost impossible. During your lengthy recovery process -- by using pedal assist via an electric bike -- you can get around the city without risking immediate re-hospitalization. Without a doubt... Staying in healthy order is smart, and making sure you don't break yourself is even smarter. These are just some of the major reasons why e-bikes are exploding in popularity in the US. When scooters have proven to be a tad impractical, the electric bike alternative has stepped up. Americans in busy cities, as well as those with impeding physical conditions, will certainly find value out of a pedal assist-based electric bicycle as their new form of transportation.

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