Why Should I Exercise?

Posted by Darryl Oyson on

The human body has over 650 skeletal muscles, these type of muscles allows us control over their movement, and they are the only kind of muscles in our body that allows voluntary movement. Which means that huge benefits await us when we decide to grow these muscles. Aside from this, did you know that in every pound of muscle gained, the body burns 50 extra calories every day? This alone speaks a lot about why exercise should be an integral part of our daily schedule! And that the quest to be fit is something worth pursuing and giving a go. Running and cycling is a great way to exercise, and it is also convenient as it also helps us get to places we want or need to be.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re still contemplating on whether or not you will jump in the fitness life is the fact that It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time in your busy schedule yet it contributes to better energy, higher stamina, plus you get to smile when seeing that weighing scale tell you that you just slimmed down on pounds.

If you’re not yet convinced let us give you more reasons to say YES to the fitness life. Continuous cycling or running is a type of vigorous exercise, it stimulates circulation at the same time sweating is increased by exercise. Sweating allows the body to excrete wastes via the surface of the skin. Regular exercise also increases lung capacity and strengthens the respiratory muscles. Constant cycling and running reduces risk of lung cancer. The heart also benefits from this, regular running and cycling helps strengthen and build the heart muscle so it pumps more effectively, we need our blood pumped from a strong heart, and did we mention this also reduces your chance of
getting heart disease?

We could go on, but let’s get to the point. Running and cycling as a great way to improve a lot of areas in our life and in our body. If you’re looking for the right time to start, it’s today!

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