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Thanks for checking out E-Bike Fast. We are an online only retailer of electric bikes.

Our mission, plain and simple, is to help you find your perfect e-bike. If, along the way, you learn a bit about yourself and find it enjoyable, well-- you're welcome! (And be sure to tell your friends!)
Building a reliable, trusting relationship with our clients through outstanding customer service is the hallmark of E-Bike Fast. We encourage your questions, comments, and feedback so that we better serve your needs, and those of future customers. Feel free to email, chat, or give us a call; we look forward to hearing from you.


E-Bike Fast, like many small, family-owned businesses, was born out of personal experience. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and in particular, treasured time spent bike riding with my young son. When I sustained a back injury that affected the strength in my left leg, it was devastating to imagine that I would no longer be able to share that activity together. In searching for an alternative, I discovered e-bikes and the world opened up for me again! Not only is cycling one of the best physical exercises for me, it is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, while organically promoting conversation. (It’s the only time in the day that I have him as a captive audience, so I sneak in some key parenting on our rides. Don’t tell!)

These stylish, sleek bikes are powerful without sacrificing comfort. They allow you to be in control, setting the amount of assistance you want or need. Now I can ride for hours, and we truly love it!


My journey to find the right E-Bike was somewhat arduous. There were so many options to choose and so many factors to consider, such as:
▪ How will I be using the bike?
▪ Will I be using it to commute to work?
▪ Do I need it for running errands around town?
▪ Will I be trail riding?
▪ Am I intending to be cruising the boardwalk or beach?
▪ Will I be mountain biking?
▪ Which e-bike is right for my size and weight?

I really would have appreciated some guidance in finding the right e-bike to serve my purpose! Now that I've done tons of research and compiled all the data, I found myself in a position to help others so I created ebikefast.com, an all-inclusive website to present you with comprehensive information and an inventory of e-bikes and accessories. We offer all this and include a price match guarantee so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price for your e-bike.

If you have questions, want to make a comment or simply chat with another human about your experience, just jump on the chat in the lower right of your screen, and you can speak to a friendly, knowledgeable person who really cares.

Thank you for visiting E-Bike Fast and reading about us. We sincerely hope to get to know you and help you find your perfect ride-- and your smile : )


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