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Turn heads wherever you ride with this Green Bike 750 MAG!

The GB 750 MAG is powered by a lithium 48V/20AH battery with 750W motor. Ride up to 100 miles at up to 20 mph! Other features include magnets for easy and quick folding of the bike, 9-level pedal assist, turn signals, brake lights, USB Outlet, electric horn, full suspension, and more.

A quote from our valued customer says: “The MAG is the best all around bike of any e-bike I ever owned. I have over 500 miles on the MAG already and 4800 miles on the GB750. These bikes are used almost daily for running errands and commuting. I love that the MAG has battery range of 30 to 65 miles for me depending on speed and terrain. The acceleration is also quick and the LCD computer 9 levels of assist are spaced out nicely for speed control. The motor on the MAG is slightly louder than the Bafang on the GB750, but the MAG's motor is a little more powerful than the Bafang. This is a no factor comment since it’s still very quiet.”

GB750 MAG electric bike can be used when roaming around the street corners, the park, or even in the whole town. This bike has a power to go uphill or downhill and a battery that will last for days.

Rider Must Be At Least 5'7 To Ride The Bike.


A robust & reliable brushless electric motor that is more efficient at producing high power acceleration! This sturdy motor has the force you need for that hill-climbing ability and All-Terrain Surface Drive!

gb750 mag electric bike

Rechargeale Battery

48V/20AH Fast Charging Panasonic Battery

This quick charge, long lasting and lightweight heavy duty Lithium Ion battery is an extremely reliable source of power!

body og gb750 mag

Multifunction LCD Display

The Green Bike USA LCD color display provides all of the information you need for your ride! It Is securely mounted for perfect visibility and comfort.


speedometer of gb750 mag


specification og gb750 mag

features of gb750 mag by greenbikes usa

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