Wheegreen K18 Blue Lagoo Electric Bike

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To climb - the hill with your e-bike

To avoid – traffic jams

To decrease - the air pollution

To save - a lot of space

To carry - grocery without driving a car

To deliver – a small shipment without driving a car   

To find - a parking spot easily

To have Fun -  You will enjoy riding to work or grocery store on an electric moped. freedom and fresh air

To control - your schedule without chase the city’s transport schedules

To make it easy - You will arrive at your destination with almost no effort made.

Product information

Green Certification – Wheegreen inherited 30-year of industrial technology in the production of the mopeds which have certificated 2002/24/EC Category:L1e that ensured Wheegreen products has World-Class Quality.

  • Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat - Extra wide soft foam with padded bicycle saddle cushion plus waterproof leather.

  • Heavy Duty Alloy Wheels - Maxxis tires - All in one rims built for long-distance and riding stability.

  • Sustainable Energy -LG Lithium battery (LG cells) 36V, 10AH is recyclable and removable.
  • Durable Designed - The special patented motor design of the BLDC with its ndFeB. It increased 10% high power, 20% torque density, and 30% Motor life than others.
  • Enhance Loading Feature - Serving the riders from 5 feet to 6.5 feet tall and up to 250 pounds - Carrying personal belonging with large deck and back rack.
  • Pre-assembled - K-18 pre-assembled 95% so saving your time with complicated assembly.
  • Warranty – Motor and battery are 1-year warranty from delivery date. The Moped parts are free for the damage incurred during the transportation of the delivery
  • K-18 Product Info

    Wheegreen's K-18 Classic Moped is comprised of Brushless DC motors (BLDC) to the enhanced efficiency and durability from 2000 hours to 20000 hours. The modular architecture allows the battery to be paralleled to higher output as well as to upgrade battery as your desire. The flexible bike design commits to serve the users from 5 to 6.5 foot tall.

    Model No. K-18
    Size (Inch) 60 x 24 x 44
    Speed (MPH) 16
    Driving range (Miles) 22
    Total weight (lb) 64
    Tire (Inch) 18 x2.1
    Motor Type  DC Brushless
    Voltage (V) 36
    Power (W) 250  (Max.400)
    Current limit (A) 15
    Low voltage protection (V) 31
    Battery Type Lithium
    Weight (lb) 29
    Voltage (V) 36
    Capacity (Ah) 10
    Charger Input (VAC) 100-240
    Output 42 volt DC / 2A
    Charge time 6 hr


  • Warranty Policy

    Wheegreen offers warranty on our E-Moped, subject to the following conditions: Under normal conditions of use and with adequate storage and maintenance, K-18 is covered by a 1-year warranty for batteries and Motor, the warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of delivery. This warranty applies to Wheegreen members only. Please sign up your membership on Wheegreen.com 

    The warranty does not apply to the following: - Normal wear and tear. The installation is not initially or compatible with parts, parts, or accessories. ,and damage caused by accident.  Any claim requiring a record of the purchase of the E-Moped.

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